– long story short

I found a youtube clip, created by ‘mad’ guy, Władysław Labuda, who already circumnavigate the earth once, and was planning new adventure to earn 1 milion zloty’s (about 300k $) for 10 charity organisations.

So I write to him if he needs some help.
He said yes, and that’s how our cooperation started.

There was 2 things to do:


2. Insert a 1 million pixels to buy to website.

So I started from researching script. After a couple of existing solutions, I decided to use original milion dollar script (the first one).

For more details, you can find it here:

After a couple of tries and script builds, pixels were ready to go.


Next comes the site. I really wanted to remind my web programming skills, and because I had a plan to build really simple website, and do it from scratch, with pure html and css, everything clear and pretty, no unnecessary line of code.
It took me more than I thought, when I started to test it on different devices, but after about a week first version of was ready. (I was doing it late evenings after work)

But It wasn’t good at all. It was working but looked pretty bad. Small piece below:

onemilliontrip website

And when Władek asked me to add a small text to button, I break my assumption, because it bring a lot frustrations to me, and offcourse a lot of unnecessary lines of code. I finished this version one with local design of monster like this:

onemilliontrip website

And I don’t want to mention responsivity of this.

So… Bootstrap for rescue!
It takes me about 3 hours to create site You can see currently. (I didn’t used to use bootstrap so there was a lot of documentation scanning).
I’m attaching screens just to save it:

onemilliontrip onemilliontrip2

Lesson from this project:
1. “Bootstrap as long as possible” It’s a quote which I heard not a long time ago, but I’ll stick to this 100%.
2. It’s worth helping others. We found out that we can help each other.
3. Probably You will see a product of this cooperation soon. (Which won’t happen if I didn’t just email Władysław)

But my question is, in era of wordpress, bootstrap, joomla and all this technologies, is there any reason to build a website from scratch? Because I can’t find one now.

And offcourse if You want to help in project, go to and put 1 zł/$/£ to the stack!

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