The Wannabe

Wannabe – one who aspires, often vainly, to emulate another’s success or attain eminence in some area

Being a wannabe in life gives me goals to achieve. I can’t imagine to stop wanting to be somebody, somewhere, on some higher level. As a programmer there is a lot to do in this area. But this is not only about job, it’s also about life, place or dreams, which could become your goals. It’s not always vain attempts.

Enough about me , about the blog:
Maybe this title isn’t to innovative, but according to few things, its a proper one:
1. This is my first blog, and for a first time I’m writing about programming in english.
2. I’m still a beginner, and still learning. (hopefully this point will become stale at least in some areas)
3. It’s not enough for me to read and watch video tutorials, maybe writing will become my learning way.
4. As I said I don’t like to stay in one place too long, I’m still traying to improve my skills.
5. I’m really open to comments and discussions.